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What is Assisted Living and Why Is It the Best Option for My Family Member?

Assisted Living CareAssisted living is for adults who need help with everyday tasks. They may need help with dressing, bathing, eating, or using the bathroom, but they don't need full-time nursing care.

Some assisted living facilities are part of retirement communities. Others are near nursing homes, so a person can move easily if needs change.

Assisted living is essentially a housing community for the elderly that provides high-quality care for the elderly. Assisted living does not provide quite the same level of care that you would find at a nursing home, but provides more care than could easily be given at home. Assisted living is generally less expensive than nursing homes as well, making them an excellent alternative for aging adults that need only slight monitoring. However, about 12% of people in assisted living are moved to nursing homes within a seven-month period in order to better suit their needs. Despite this statistic, a large majority of those in assisted living facilities plan to stay there for as long as they can.

How is Senior Living in Assisted Living Facilities?
Assisted living facilities are meant to foster an aging adult's autonomy, while providing a home-like environment for them to be in. A lot of aging adults enjoy living in assisted living facilities, since they offer many complimentary services to their members, while allowing them to retain their dignity and independence. For instance, some assisted living facilities provide restaurant-quality food, along with swimming pools and exercise classes.

Assisted living facilities also make it very comfortable for grandchildren and other family members to come visit, which also adds to an elderly person's quality of life. Assisted living aims to give the elderly a purpose to live, including opportunities in community outreach programs. If safety is a concern, a lot of assisted living facilities use remote monitoring systems which can easily be activated at the push of a button if a resident needs anything.

How is the Quality of Life for the Elderly Enriched by Assisted Living?
Quality of life involves many factors, such as autonomy and mobility, social and community ties, and general life satisfaction. Assisted living facilities actively strive to make sure that their residents obtain these goals by providing plenty of opportunities for their residents. Since assisted living facilities have nurses on staff, as well as other caretakers, autonomy is allowed under a watchful eye. Mobility is worked on with residents and exercise classes are offered to ensure longevity of mobility. Due to the pleasant atmosphere, family and friends are encouraged to visit.

What about Privacy in Assisted Living Facilities?
Privacy is never an issue, since aging adults are given private apartments. Also, assisted living facilities are often included in community outreach programs and residents are strongly encouraged to take part in these outreach programs if they want. This way, the aging adults at these facilities don't feel as though they are tucked away with no purpose. This is a common problem with the aging and it is strongly combated against when adults are living in assisted living facilities.

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