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What Exactly Are Nursing Homes?


Nursing homes provide care for aging adults who can not take care of themselves anymore. This is usually seen as more of a last-resort, since most of the elderly dislike the idea of being "institutionalized". Nursing homes are for elderly people who can not do activities of daily living on their own and require constant supervision.

Nursing homes are also good places for patients with mental disorders, such as dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Physical and other rehabilitation efforts are usually put in place for their residence to help increase their quality of life.

Putting a parent or family member in a nursing home is usually very hard on a family member, but most nursing homes try to make the transition a bit easier. Sometimes, putting a family member in a nursing home can actually be very liberating to a family member, especially when the burden has become too much to bear. This especially rings true for elderly women who can no longer take care of their partner or relative and must focus on their own needs.

The Difference Between Retirement Homes and Nursing Homes
Retirement homes are actually more similar to assisted living facilities than nursing homes, in that they foster and encourage autonomy. If someone is in a nursing home, chances are that their autonomy and mobility are increasingly limited and can no longer do any usual day-to-day activities on their own, such as feeding themselves, clothing themselves, and bathing themselves. Retirement homes are usually for aging adults who need less care but still need a watchful eye over them to help with some daily tasks and administer health services. Retirement homes are more appropriate for people that need more help and assistance than they would get from an assisted living facility, but would find it unnecessary to receive the level of care that they would receive from a nursing home.

The Difference Between Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities.
There is a pretty big difference between nursing homes and assisted living facilities, mainly being the extreme difference of urgency of care. Typically, people in nursing homes can no longer do daily activities on their own, while people in assisted living facilities usually only need occasional help. Nursing homes are more appropriate for people with age-related disabilities, such as mental illnesses that prohibit them from having a good quality of life. Being put in a nursing home is not usually someone's choice; it is usually a choice of the family's, since they can no longer care for their ailing family member.

Assisted living facilities are usually encouraged by the family, but the aging adult must choose for themselves upon whether they will go to the facility. An assisted living facility will usually not accept a patient that would be better fitted for a nursing home or retirement home.

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