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Residential Care Homes provide the same level of care that you would find in a nursing home or an assisted living facility, but on a smaller level. Residential care homes are typically smaller and more family-oriented than nursing homes of assisted living facilities. They offer individualized care options, specific for each patient. Staff assist with dispensing medications, personal hygiene, getting dressed and assisting with other daily living tasks.

Since these communities are often highly-specialized, some communities specialize in care for specific diseases or even specific languages. They are usually culturally sensitive and also are religiously sensitive. Activities are available at these homes and staff will assist them when needed. Transportation is also sometimes available, so residents may go on outings or do other important activities, such as going to the bank or shopping. Housekeeping and meals are usually included in the price, as well as utilities, laundry services, and sometimes transportation, depending on if such services are available.

Senior Housing
Senior housing is a niche of the housing market specifically designed for senior living. Senior housing complexes usually have a minimum age limit and are supposed to only be occupied by people of that age bracket. As long as a place is legally considered senior housing, that complex can legally deny occupancy to families with children.

These homes usually have proper modifications that are suitable for elderly living. For instance, these homes may have lower kitchen cabinets and wider doorways so people with wheelchairs can adequately access rooms. These homes also may have grab bars in bathrooms to assist with getting in and out of the shower and for using the bathroom. Even things like fireproofing in condominium units may be taken into consideration, in case of a fire and the occupant can not quickly leave in time.

Senior housing is a great way for seniors who do not necessarily need assistance from someone to still receive some assistance through objects and more suitable modifications of their home. Senior Apartments Senior apartments are (usually) age-restrictive affordable housing for those 55 or 62 and up, depending on the retirement community's guidelines. Senior apartments and senior housing are some of the only housing complexes that can legally discriminate against anyone.

Affordable senior apartments are a great option for elderly people who have run out of money and need more affordable housing. Some government programs, depending on the state, will allow tax credits or voucher programs for seniors needing affordable senior apartment housing. However, these apartments are in high demand, so affordable senior apartments are not always guaranteed. There are also market rate housing, which essentially has modifications to make life easier for an elderly person. These are essentially houses or apartments that are available to seniors in a better area that's better suited to an elderly person.

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